Caravan Tourism in India: Future of Travel

Do you like staying indoors comfortably? Or do you like being on the road exploring the unexplored? What if I tell you that you can do both, exploring while have the comfort like your home? Yes, this is Caravan Tourism. While it has been a very familiar concept in the western countries for a quite some time now, it is just starting to soar up in India. Specially due to the lockdowns that has kept us all isolated inside for months, everybody is looking for a break away from home. Caravans might possibly be the safest and most comfortable option in this time.

After Effects of Covid-19 on Caravan Tourism

Borders are open, hotels are taking bookings, international flights are open are taking off too. But, most people are still skeptical to travel out of the country and as a result, local travel has seen a huge rise. People are in the look out for less crowded, off beat and isolated local destinations. And the most preferred mode of transportation? Well, by road.

Why? Nobody wants to go through the hassle of standing in queues for sanitization or security screening at airports/ bus stands or railway stations. With travel closer to home being the best sought out option, road trips are back. And it is back, big! Specially after covid-19 lockdowns saw an end, India has identified this new transportation. There has been investments made into the further development of Caravan Tourism.

Why Caravan?

Caravan completely eliminates the hassle of renting an accommodation in any city, state or country you travel to. If you are on a journey to explore multiple places, caravan might be the best option for you.

Why? Because a caravan can give you the ultimate privacy and save you some big bucks in hotel accommodation. Lets say you want to explore the locals of a city, for which you will have to rent a car. But, with a caravan you’re all set up right from the start. What about the luggage limit in public transportations? We all know how hard it is to prioritize between camera equipments and a pair of shoes. But with a caravan, you get to pack anything and everything. There is no limit.

There are all the comforts you get in your house while on the road. The caravan holds a restroom, bed, kitchen with hot water, coffee makers and even a small refrigerator. And the most important thing, you will have excellent company.

Is Caravan the Future of Travel?

The concept of Caravan Tourism has finally hit the roads in India post Covid. With city based start-ups competing to be the first in the race and governments taking initiatives to further the development, it could definitely be the future of travel in India.

The government of Maharashtra launched caravan services from Sahyadri hills to Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Maharashtra tourism and development corporation teams up with Motohom (Moving Hotels on Wheels), for caravan services.

The Karnataka government recently in the month of June, flagged off caravan tourism initiative as hope to revive the travel economy. They have tied up with a Bengaluru start-up called Campervan camps for luxury caravans. They travel to destinations like Hampi, Gokarna, Kudremukh, Sakleshpur and many more.

So are you going to consider caravan tourism as one of your options for your next trip or have you already had the experience of traveling in a caravan? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Saurabh Bhardwaj says:

    I am inquisitive about available feasibility of caravan travel in Himalaya regions, lets say to kumaon region of Uttarakhand, from NCR.
    If you happen to have any details/ideas/suggestions, kindly apprise me the same.

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