My Try at Dalgona Coffee

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Dalgona Coffee has gained the name ‘Quarantine drink’ or ‘Quarantine coffee’, and surely is what is among the top hip and popular trends of the Corona pandemic. If you are someone who never found the time to either keep up with trends or at least give it a try, this Dalgona coffee is going to serve as your stepping stone to start catching up with the world of trends mainly because it is one of the easiest thing to do if you have some milk, some instant coffee powder and 15 mins of your time, which I’m sure all of us have, without doubt. 

What is the story behind it?

The drink has its origins from Macau, India and Pakistan but it really surged into a popularity in South Korea when it appeared on a TV show. And the name Dalgona was inspired by a South Korean candy named Dalgona, which is a toffee that resembles the creamy texture that tops the milk. This drink very closely resembles the beverage in India called ‘Phenti hui coffee’ (Beaten coffee) but the only difference being that the milk is poured on top of the whipped mixture rather than putting a scoop of the mixture on top of milk like in Dalgona. 

What is Dalgona and how to prepare it?

It is a sumptuous beverage with a combination of either cold or hot milk and a bittersweet instant coffee foam on top. The foam is smooth and velvety in texture and tastes absolutely delicious with preferably cold milk. The steps on making it are simple, and we start by taking equal proportions of instant coffee, sugar, hot water and whipping it until we achieve the creamy texture we want and scooping it on top of hot/cold milk. The drink can also be garnished with cocoa powder, biscuit crumbs or honey depending on your choice of taste. One point to take note of is that using ground coffee beans is not feasible because it does not give us the foamy consistency required as instant coffee does.

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My try at Dalgona Coffee. Cannot say it is perfect but it was worth the try.

With half the population already caught up with this trend including myself, it is pretty safe to say that social media has yet again distracted us to a creative mode whilst keeping us interested and engaged. The #DalgonaCoffeeChallenge hashtag is the one serving up hundreds of peoples creative sides and you can join in too.  


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