DIY: Turn your Leggings into a Top

Even though the current millennial trend is pairing jeans pants with Kurtis, we Indians have tons of leggings in every color possible. And what do we do with them? We simply let them rot away, deep in our wardrobes until it is time for us to declutter the unwanted ones. And in the end, it is them who gets thrown out for not being used. But what if we find a way to turn all of them into something? Those vibrant colors will surely make heads turn. In this post of mine, you will see how I turned my mom’s age old leggings of which the elastic had worn out by the way, into a classy and stylish backless top.

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Steps you can follow :

Step 1:

You will need a leggings preferably not ankle length, so it is long enough to go above your head and easy to tie. I chose a bright blue color here. You can choose any color of your choice obviously.

Step 2 :

You have to make a cut as shown in the picture. While doing so, you might want to keep the legs as long as possible. That way, it is easy to tie it around the neck as well as to wear the shorts inside the pants.

Step 3 :

After cutting out the legs, the wider end of it is inserted and stitched to the waist elastic of your pant as shown in the picture. Like wise, stitch both the cut out legs to the elastic so it looks something like a Jomper.

Step 4 :

How do you wear it? You can wear the shorts normally and the two legs, are going to be tied together in the end. It has to go around your neck from above the head. And that’s it. As simple as that!

If you actually end up trying this, let me know how it turns out. Or if you want to contact me, you can do so through the contact page, from the comment section below and through a DM on my Instagram. Hope you enjoyed this space!


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