DIY: Turn your T-Shirt into a Wrap-Around Top

Ever get bored of wearing the same T-Shirt the normal way? Yes, me too. There are variants in T-Shirts too, some of them cropped, some turtleneck, some full arms or some backless, but I’m talking about the simplest T-Shirt that you wear at home every second day. I have a lot like that and wanted to do something out of them. So I rip it apart. Lol yes and it actually turned out to look better than expected! If you want different ways to style your shirt, I have a separate post curated for it. You can visit Ways to Style your Shirt.

In this post of mine, you will see how I turned my old overused T-Shirt into a wrap-around top step by step.

Steps you can follow :

Step 1:

You will need a T-Shirt preferably round-neck or V-neck and arm length of your choice. Make sure you choose an old piece from your wardrobe because you are going to cut it into pieces and you won’t be able to reverse that action.

Step 2 :

You have to cut through a straight line from the bottom of your T-Shirt to the neck equally like in the second picture.

Step 3 :

Make sure your cut through the center is equal like in the picture above. Next you will have to flatten out the first layer to do your next set of cuts.

Step 4 :

In the second layer of the T-Shirt, cut a rectangular piece in the bottom half of the second layer and keep it aside. The leftover uncut part is your new length for the wrap-around. And the first layer long ends are going to be used to wrap.

Step 5 :

Using the cut out part from the previous step, you further cut them into strips like in the picture on the left above. Preferably pieces with a big width, because once we wrap around and tie it, wider strips will hold tight.

Step 6 :

Take two strips and tie them up together to make longer strips. In the end you need 4 small strips made into two long strips. In the picture above I have extra ones just in case something went wrong.

Step 7 :

After you have your strips ready, you have to make a tiny hole on the long ends of the first layer. Make the hole at the bottom end depending on your instinct. Because you do not want to make a hole at the extreme end that when you wrap it around using the strips the hole will tear the cloth apart.

Step 8 :

Insert the long strip into the hole at both sides. Wear the top like a shirt and you use these long strips to wrap and tie it around you. And you have your T-shirt wrap-around ready to flaunt.

If you actually end up trying this, let me know how it turns out. Or if you want to contact me, you can do so through the contact page, from the comment section below and through a DM on my Instagram. Hope you enjoyed this space!


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  1. Ranjitha says:

    It has turned out to be so good:)
    Keep the good work going♥️

    1. surabhikeerthi says:

      Thank you! 😀

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