My Quarantine Thoughts and Tales

The quarantine situation currently prevailing is something none of us even thought would happen in our dreams, let alone for real. The situation has been testing some of our patience, helping some cultivate good habits, making people learn the value of things or for some doing the complete opposite. We have so much time in our hands, we don’t realise that we always wanted this long break. While we see a lot of people being very productive on social media, there is no need for some of us to feel pressurized by that. We have the freedom to do whatever we want or do absolutely nothing. Because this is our own little “me” time.

While we are inside, the outside is healing and becoming more beautiful than ever. There was possibly no way for the nature to keep the entire world locked inside their homes. But it happened in all the wrong ways. There are people stranded in far places away from home, people struggling for basic necessities, some affected in hospitals suffering, some recovered and some who lost the battle. Some of us should consider ourselves lucky for having the tiniest privileges others don’t. And we should be very thankful for the people fighting for our safety out there.

What am I doing?

I am being very moody. Yes. I wake up some days with the most pumped up energy to try something or I wake up feeling absolutely demotivated. Some days I get myself so busy that I forget to eat. And some other days I again forget to eat because I am so involved in sleeping and binge watching shows. I feel anxious many a times and break out quite often. But I feel these are just helping me get a hold of this wizardry situation and I try to tell myself that this will all be over very soon.

Here are some things I tried. Some turned out to be fine while others didn’t. Its all funny but I am trying and will get better lol.

Tried my hand at the Pillow Challenge
Tried baking a Pizza
Turned out unexpectedly
Trying hand spinning using Hoola Hoop
Taking pictures sitting next to the aquarium
Slightly burnt my mini chocolate sprinkle cookies

So these are some of the many things I tried. And let me know what you have been doing or how you have been doing this quarantine?


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  1. Mahanthesh says:

    Burnt pizza is the best!

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