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Real Life Horror Encounters – Part 1

Some of us might be terrified of the idea of ghosts or spirits but we all sure do love to hear stories. Every gathering, sleepovers or night outs will have one person definitely saying “So my friend had this ghostly experience..”. With this series of posts, I intend to put out horror encounters of people and their near horror experiences, unedited. So, brace yourselves maybe?

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So when I started asking people around for their experiences, Rohan was the first one to tell me his story. He lives one road away from my apartment and has been living in this locality for more than 10 years now. I might want to explain a little something about our locality before you can read his experience.

Our area is so secluded, there are hardly 20 houses on 3 streets put together. We have a graveyard sharing a compound with my apartment’s one side. An area full of trees, semi-occupied forests, empty muddy roads and very little movement of people after dark even now. So I cannot imagine this area 10 years back. “There was barely anything..” as Rohan says.

1. Uhmm Pillion Rider..??

“So this was before you residents moved in. Your apartment was still under construction. I was in 7th or 8th grade I’m not very sure. I used to play cricket in a near by ground and that particular day I got late for some reason and I had to walk back home. There were no street lights back then. Only the very few houses there had lights on. Apart from that, it was completely dark.

I remember my mom telling me about the graveyard there. And I heard it from some of my neighbors that apparently they got half the graveyard to build your apartment too. I don’t know how far that’s true but anyway all these were running in my head the whole time I was walking back home.

And suddenly, for no reason the dogs started barking and I got really scared because I was alone. I later saw that the dogs weren’t actually barking at me at all. They were barking at some random place…all of them! And as I crossed the gate, I felt like someone pulling my T-shirt from the back. I was terrified and started to run. At this point I really thought the dogs will chase me, but they were still barking at something.

After I reached home, I tried to convince myself that I was just overthinking, but then in the night, I had a rather weird dream. I can never forget it. So I was on my cycle, cycling uphill on the same road. It was dark, the dogs barking and I felt like somebody is sitting behind me on the cycle. It suddenly became very difficult for me to peddle because it kept getting heavier and I knew for a fact that someone was behind me. And I woke up.

I had this dream even two years back when I felt like someone is sitting behind me in the scooter. I still have this fear and I don’t think it’ll ever go. The worst part is, Even now I’m still scared to look in the mirror of my scooter everytime I pass that road.” – Rohan

2. The Foodie Ghost..?!?

“My mom was in her teenage probably. Her native is Mudigere in Chikmagaluru and she used to live there with her family. Everybody in the town is a big fan of animal meat, and pork is their favourite. In our town they say that one should not carry meat and walk around in the streets after sunset. Because apparently ghosts are attracted to animal meat.

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The houses in the town are pretty far away from one another. Each house separated by a distance of 1 km atleast. So one day my mom was walking from her relatives house back to her place and she had a plastic bag full of pork. She was walking through an empty street, it was dark and suddenly, she heard footsteps. She apparently turned back quiet a few times to see if somebody was actually walking behind her, but found nothing or no one there.

Then the plastic bag slowly started to rustle. She could hear noises of chewing. Some of the pork cut into pieces had fallen down from the bag. And when she actually made an effort to pick up the pieces, it was gone. All shockingly gone! She then ran back to her place with two or three remaining pieces out of the entire bag that was there.” – Parikshith

Stay tuned for Part – 2 of Real Life Horror Encounters. If you would like to share your Horror Encounters or any near horror experiences and would like to put it up on my blog, please feel free to contact me through the comments section below or through the contact page.

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