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Real Life Horror Encounters – Part 2

Why do most of us believe that ghosts are active in the night? If you’re looking for an answer here, uhmm I’m not sure I have one. But I do have the next horror encounter stories ready. So here you go, Part – 2.

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Story 3: Ghost of Gulliver…??

“I was in middle school. Me, my mom, dad, brother and grandma were coming back from my native after a festival. We were on the highway which was muddy, dark and no street lights back then. The only lights were our vehicle’s headlights. It almost takes 2 hours to reach Bangalore from my native. We were also carrying packed non-vegetarian food from the festival feast. I don’t know if it has to do with anything we experienced, but I’m just mentioning it.

My dad was driving and mom was in the passenger seat. In the seat behind, I was sitting in the middle while my grandma and brother were sitting next to the windows. And hence, I could see the road ahead of us clearly. It was pitch dark. Everyone in the car were sleeping. My dad was obviously driving and I was slightly dozing off.

Suddenly I heard a loud ‘thud’ sound, like we hit something. My dad thought a person walked in front of the car from the bushes in the road dividers. So he suddenly hit the breaks. We all eventually thought we hit either a person or an animal because the sound was pretty harsh.

Since I had a clear cut view of the road, I could see what it was. I could see nothing but legs. Like till the roof of the car it was just legs. It did not even seem like a person. And only me and my dad saw it. Everyone else woke up to the sound. We parked the car to the side to exactly look into it. For that loud sound, if we actually hit a person or an animal, there would be serious injuries or blood shed or something like that. We searched the entire area and found nothing. No person, no animal and not even an object.

The worst part is, there was a dent in the car. The people from nearby shops came running towards us to see what happened. They thought we hit something and we were running away. We all again searched the entire area but found nothing. The only thing that was there, was a dent in the car. No track of any blood, trail of any animal or a person. Everyone started to discuss about it, wondering what actually happened.

An old man then came to us and told us to get back home. He said not to come here at nights and that these strange things keep happening. We later got in the car and got back home. But I still very clearly remember what I saw. It was an empty road, fully dark, could see the road ahead only with our car’s headlight and a huge person walked by. I can’t even say its a person, it was just legs. Giant legs.” – Vibha

Story 4: The sneaky ghost..

“This happened to my mom. She and her colleagues were traveling somewhere in South Karnataka, I don’t exactly remember the destination. They were in a bus and the driver made a pit-stop around midnight for a bathroom break and a quick refreshment. And this place was in the middle of nowhere, completely dark and there were bathrooms they could use.

My mom wanted to use the bathroom and so she went in. She latched the door behind her and all of a sudden she could feel something cold on her back, like someone touching her back. She ignored it thinking it was just her clothes. But then suddenly she felt someone holding her legs and she was very sure that it was somebody’s hands. She got really scared and rushed out of the cubicle. She convinced herself that it was all just in her head because the place was shady and there was nobody but her.

But later, my mom’s colleague who used the bathroom came out asking if something weird happened inside. She told my mom that she could feel someone touching her back and legs and was sure it was a hand impression. They both were terrified and barged out of the place.” Weeeeirrrddd right? – Nidhi

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