Style your Shirt in 3 Different Ways

Shirt thoughts? – There are a lot of clothes lying around in our wardrobes which probably do not fit anymore, or are worn out. We are simply not in the mood to wear them. The majority of these clothes are shirts, and it is understandable because shirts always give a very formal vibe. Yes, there are casual shirts as well but somehow we choose not to wear them most of the time. But what we don’t see is that shirts can be worn no matter what their condition.

If your shirt doesn’t fit to button it up then you don’t have to, you can leave it open and wear something inside, creating layers. If your shirt is worn out then you simply can stitch patches to make it look funky. Or you can tie it around different ways to cover it up, and if you don’t have the mood to wear them normally you simply find different ways to wear them. This goes not just with Shirts but a lot of clothes in your wardrobe as well. You can see how I styled a Bandana Scarf in different ways here.

In this post of mine, I have curated 3 ways to wear your shirt. I hope you get some new ideas from these and try them in different ways.

Shirt Look – 1

There are so many off – shoulder or one – shoulder looks with shirts all over the internet. They look absolutely fabulous. It is so casual yet with a formal edge. But I wanted to add another element to give it a university student kind of look. I definitely want to wear this look to college once all this quarantine is done. I chose to wear a spaghetti strap white crop top inside to highlight the bright color of the shirt. You can experiment with any different tones of colors. This is a perfect look if you are planning to wear it to your college, or a casual outing with your friends.

Look – 2

Now this is a look that is more towards giving you a formal vibe. I have worn the shirt the other way around, with buttons behind my back. You should be sure to choose a shirt that is not too loose or baggy. So it holds up the neck stiff. The occasions you can wear it to, depends on the choice of your shirt. Either very casual for which you can tie the button back of the shirt in a bow or choose to in-shirt it completely to render a very formal look.

Look – 3

This is a very simple way to style your shirt. You can literally tie the shirt in this way seconds before you reach the place you want to go. It gives a whole Sunday noon party vibe. The most comfortable way of tying your shirt and the best outfit considering this summer heat. If you choose solid colors you can pair them up with some nice accessories and heels. Or wear a pair of shorts and sneakers to give out a total opposite mood than the previous one.

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