Top 10 Most Haunted Places in India


How many of you believe that ghosts actually exist? Or maybe a supernatural spirit? The believers will say a straight yes, but the ones who do not believe will just ignore it. Well, nobody can force a person’s beliefs but there are some places which might change some minds. After all, the best conclusions are drawn from one’s own experience. While there are few trying their best to avoid spooky places, there are others who actively seek out the thrilled feeling of finding the supernatural and many other who come into contact without their will.

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If you are a traveler seeking for some adrenaline rush and looking forward to explore the haunted places in India, here is a list you can cover. These places have some interesting untold stories that even the non-believers might find fascinating. People who have visited these places have claimed to come back with their own experiences and either have felt or witnessed something. In this post of mine, you can find the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in India.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

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It is regarded as the most haunted place in India. This place has been declared unsafe to visit post sunset (After 5 PM) by Archaeological Survey of India. It is completely destructed and these ruins are a famous spot for tourists in the morning, but unfolds a horror mystery in the dark.

What is the story behind it? Well, there are two. According to the First story, Baba Balanath lived near this fort and he had a condition that nobody’s home should rise higher than his. And cursed that, if it did, it would be destroyed. The King at the time ignored this curse, and that is what led to the current ruined state of Bhangarh Fort.

The Second story has it that a wizard was infactuated to the Princess of this fort. In order to win her over, he cast a spell and tried to poison her with a potion. Coming to know about his evil plans, the Princess pushed a boulder at him eventually killing the wizard. He cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed before dying, and hence it ended to be in ruins.

We don’t know which story is true but, the houses in Bhangarh does not have roofs. The people claim that the roof collapses the minute it is built. They also have reported to have heard women screeching, footsteps and paranormal activities after dark. These reports were in fact proven to be true by the villagers and adventure seekers who dared to visit the place in the nights.

If you want to get a clear cut visual of the place, you can see the video here. Bhangarh Fort – India’s Most Haunted Place.

2. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

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It is one of the biggest film cities in India. Not only does it attract tourists for its extravagant sets and displays but also drives away quite a lot of them because of their horror encounters. Apart from being the largest studio complex in the world, it has numerous options for stay and lets say that these spirits have got all grounds covered.

What is the story behind it? The entire film city is apparently built on the Nizams battle field. And the spirits wandering around are of the soldiers who died in the battle field. So something built over the remains of dead soldiers and those restless souls haunting the people coming in? Sounds made up? But, these encounters say otherwise.

The witnesses report that the lights go off randomly, lightmen fall off from great heights under unexplained circumstances leading to serious injuries, equipment being destroyed regularly and crew members feeling a sudden push even though nobody is around. These spirits reportedly are in favor of women. Many actresses claim to have felt something supernatural in their green rooms, and have reported an invisible force ripping apart clothes.

The people in accommodation at their hotel rooms have something else to tell. They reported to have seen unusual Urdu scribblings on mirrors, their food half eaten when kept for a long time and even doors getting locked on its own. Whispers and strange voices are some common instances reported at the studio. You can watch the video Facts and Mysteries of Ramoji to get more insight.

3. Vas Villa St. Marks Road, Bangalore

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This is a controversial place. The supernatural occurrings that take place here are called rumors by some and true by the others. But an abandoned, dilapidated house in such a busy city at such a prime location like St. Marks road is something very unusual.

What is the story behind it? The house was built by a renowned lawyer Mr. E A. Vas. He gave away the house to two of his unmarried daughters, Vera Vas and Dolce Vas. So it was just the two of them living there. In 2002, on what was supposed to be a normal night, something horrific happened. An unidentified murdered stabbed Dolce Vas to death in her own bedroom.

The people around this house have reported hearing noises at night and they believe it is the spirit of Dolce Vas wandering around in the hallways of the house. It has been 4 years since the house has been demolished but the brutal murder and the negative energy is still remembered.

4. Agrasen Ki Boali, Delhi

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A beautifully architectured step well. It is a hot tourist spot in the mornings. This place would seem familiar to you from Bollywood movies like PK, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Sultan. People say once we start going down to the 108th step at dark, it starts to unfold its horrors.

What is the story behind it? The interesting part is there is no story behind it. There is no records of who built it or when it was even built. Although they predict that it must have been somewhere during 14th century. Maybe this counts as a mystery story itself.

There have been reports of some invisible force following each person who enters this place. And the faster we run away from it, the faster it catches up. There is said to be unnatural vibrations and the atmosphere getting a lot chiller as one climbs deeper down the stairs. They also say that the water in the well entices people to jump in and take their own lives. Some believe the thousands of bats and pigeons living here may also account to give out a spooky feeling. Well, we can only confirm when we visit it ourselves right?

5. Shaniwar Wada, Pune

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A fort of the Maratha Royalty, this Shanivar Wada is yet again a tourist spot in the mornings. The fort started looking spooky when a fire broke out for no reason. The fire prevailed for 7 long days burning everything inside. The fire left only the walls & gates untouched and the building was soon evacuated.

What is the story behind it? Prince and also an heir to the throne, Narayanrao was killed in the fort around his relatives. The reports has it that on a full moon day, the screaming sounds coming out of the fort is at its zenith. People say they can often hear ‘Kaka, mala vacha’ which roughly translates to ‘uncle, save me’. And this has attracted a lot of people to camp at night in the forts. There sure are some adventure seekers out there.

6. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

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Mukesh Mills might be a very famous location for directors to shoot movies but, it also a famous location for paranormal activities. You might not believe me right now, but this place has given many people shivers down their spine, it is shocking.

What is the story behind it? The mill was established in the 1870’s by East India Company which was later closed due to unreasonable losses in the business. The building was then completely burned by a fire, the origin of which is still unknown. The mill was never remodeled and has been shut ever since.

Even the film crews prefer not to work here after sunset. The workers often heard strange noises and reports of things getting lost is common. Footsteps, random shadows and a sense of being watched is also reported often. The most amusing story reported is, while filming a scene, one of the actress got possessed and her voice changed suddenly. She apparently started to warn people about leaving the place immediately.

There also has been a case where a 10 year old kid was possessed during a shoot. The kid was rolling on the ground with hands behind the back and came back to normal senses in a span of a second. The watchman of the place had reported that on one night, he could see someone smoking inside the premises and could hear music coming from inside the building. This place has surely made some people swear not to return.

7. Malcha Mahal, Delhi

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As much as people call it haunted, it has a rather sad story behind it. The ghost might not be an actual spirit, but actual people living in it. Yes, you heard it right. Two people living in an absolute, off the roads house? Something to discuss about.

What is the story behind it? A government property sanctioned to Princess Wilayat Mahal of the Royal family of Awadh after her 9 years struggle of trying to acquire this place. But, the place turned out to be quite opposite to other normal houses. There was no electricity, no sorts of facilities and the Princess shifted here with two of her kids, 15 dogs and 7 servants. The Princess finally fell into the hands of depression and committed suicide by swallowing diamonds. The kids were seen clunged to her body when the officials discovered it.

Since then the children, Princess Sakina and Prince Ali Raza continued to live there. They used to live in complete isolation from other humans. Princess Sakina passed away in 2014 and Prince Ali Raza in 2017. Nobody knows how they survived with no electricity and no water supply. What they used to do for food and how they used to pass their time is still an absolute mystery. This Malcha Mahal stays indefinitely restricted by the public. The board in the entrance clearly states “Trespassers will be shot down”. You probably can visit the other haunted places, but not this for sure.

8. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Most of the places mentioned above either are of great historic importance or have a horrifying story attached to it. But this Raj Kiran Hotel, is a tiny hotel in Lonavala, Pune district, has none. The place bares no other significant importance if not for its horror tales. This probably makes us wonder if it is actually true or not, right?

What is the story behind it? Literally no known story for the supernatural occurrences. But the guests who stayed here have a lot to say. There is a room on the ground floor next the reception counter where all these paranormal encounters occur and sure has kept many awake all night.

Some reported that their bed sheets come off in the middle of the night, as if someone were pulling it. Many guests wake up in the middle of the night only to find a ray of blue light at their feet. Some people have reported to have seen an unexplainable appearance floating around in the room amidst the night. On account of such incidents, that room is permanently locked and is no longer available to rent.

Here is a snippet you can watch of Raj Kiran Hotel.

9. Dow Hill, West Bengal

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A hill station more famous for its haunted tales than the beauty is a rare find. Dow Hill can be definitely qualified as one of those places. You might just want to steer clear of restriction boards and not go exploring after dark in this beautiful hill station.

What is the story behind it? We don’t know about the story as such but there are two important haunted stories that make rounds in this place.

The Death Road : A small stretch between Dow hill road and the forest office, but its horror incidents are a ton. The woodcutters in this region very often report a headless boy walk on the road and disappear into the woods. The people say that they constantly feel watched over and followed by an unseen entity. They apparently have seen a red eye stare at them and a woman dressed in grey clothes walk around.

Victoria Boy’s High School : The school is 100 years old and the ghostly visits haven’t had a halt. There have been countless unexplainable deaths in this area. The locals say that the dark vibe from the forests have reached this school as well. During the months of December to March is apparently when things go wild. There are noises in the hallway, footsteps and whispers which are so scary that the school remains closed during this winter time. We don’t know if the cold weather adds up to this chilled scary feeling but it sure is freaky.

10. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

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A hill station that looks safe and harmless is probably not. On the road to Happy Valley, a little away from Mussoorie library is the Savoy hotel. It is regarded as a classic haunted story and was also the plot of the novel ‘A Mussoorie Mystery’ published by Ruskin Bond in 2002.

What is the story behind it? In 1911, a well known spiritualist Lady Garnet Orme was apparently murdered here using Strychnine – A form of pesticide. They say that her doors were locked from the inside and there was no sign of any break in. What is twisted is that, her doctor was also murdered in the same place using the same method. The murderer was never to be found. These two murders still remain a mystery.

The hotel staff and the guests who come here have reported that they hear echoes of someone screaming, footsteps approaching and doors shutting by themselves. Some people have reported to having seen Lady Garnet Orme herself. Now if this isn’t spooky I don’t know what is.

I am going to start a series of ‘Real Life Horror Encounters’ with this post. If you want to share your horror encounters and put up a story of it on my blog, please let me know from the comments section below or through the contact page. Hope you enjoyed this space!

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